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DIY Home Solar Power Fundamentals

Most people today are advocates of green energy but aren’t ready to make the costly investment for home solar power. Not only are home solar systems eco-friendly, but they also save huge amounts on electricity bills. Prices for solar systems can be up to $20,000 which is why many people are so surprised that you can easily make DIY solar systems for about $200.

In order to get started with DIY solar panels, you need to understand some basics of electricity. The electricity in your home is distributed by an electrical panel and a utility box and grid control the flow. It is sent through an inverter which will change the raw energy into usable power. The power is distributed by an electrical panel and a utility box controls the flow.

Most of the supplies needed for home solar power can be found at your local hardware store. You will need to make a box or panel onto which you’ll mount the solar cells, electrical wiring, a soldering gun, caulk, a voltmeter, and some other basic tools. Solar cells can be found at a discounted price if they are chipped. While these still work, keep in mind that they will capture less energy than full solar cells.

DIY solar systems are actually quite easy to install. However, if you don’t feel comfortable fiddling with your electric panel, you can always hire a professional electrician to do the installation for you. Alternatively, you can find a professional electrician who will do this last step for you. Of course, this will add cost to your DIY solar power but the overall price will still be much less.

If you are renting or aren’t ready to set up a complete solar power system, a DIY solar water heater is a good place to start. DIY water heaters are very easy to make and set up and they have all the benefits of home solar systems. All you basically need is a water storage container, such as an old boiler, and to reroute some piping.

Because home solar systems are gaining popularity, it is easy to find detailed information about setting up your own DIY solar power. Because of this awareness, you can now find tons of DIY solar power guides. I recommend first to build solar water heaters and then expand to a completely solar-run power system. Once you do some research, you will be surprised to find that home solar power is easy and can be done for just a few hundred dollars.


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